Check Out Li'l Andy's Special Talent

We are Hopeful that you get some enjoyment from these Video Clips of our son Andy
drumming along with the CD Player on his beginner drum set.
Andy has really progressed over the past several months, and has had many opportunities to entertain on stage
with TNT this past summer.
There were many times he had the crowd simply amazed by his talent, cheering him on and chanting "One More Time Andy!!"

Keep an eye out for Li'l Andy on the drums the next time you experience one of TNT's Performances

Here are some Video Clips of Andy Drumming
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Andy drumming, February 2012 (Newest Videos-2012)

Andy singing with The Natural Tones (Newest Videos-2011)

Andy drums to PCM's "Good Ol' Days" (2011)

Andy drums to Lenny Gomulka's "I'll Be There" (2009)

Andy drums to Lenny Gomulka's "Holiday in Poland" (2009)

Andy drums to "Chicken Fried Polka" by Polka Country Musicians (2009)

Andy drums to "Bright Star Polka" by Polka Country Musicians (2009)

Andy at St. Lawrence School Talent Contest (5/14/09) (2009)

Andy drums Live with The Natural Tones (2009)

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